“Sunken Monkey are no flash in the pan, flavour of the week. They are the real deal. 7.75/10.” Outcast Nation

“Solid tracks which have perfectly emulated the punk rock vibe of the early noughties with jumpy riffs and anthemic choruses” Mistree Magazine

“‘New favourite band’ material for those of us who like melodic punk rock with a bit of fiddly guitar work.” Punktual Media

“Party Scars has the advantage of making any punk rocker nostalgic for high school parties, sweaty mosh pits, and muddy festivals. While that might not make for a great punk rock album, it makes for a damn good one.” Bucketlist

“The band really gets into the niche that they have formed for themselves, leaving the audience with a modern experience within the familiar sounds of the musical movement that started over a decade ago and is still evolving today.” Bandades Music

“Fistfuls of pogoing pop punk and large-pecced heavy metal, all thrown into a musical Megamix… “Party Scars” is one of the most enjoyable rock albums we’ve heard this year.” Filthy Minky

“A sound that could possibly be identified as the lovechild of Green Day and Flogging Molly, the group produces tunes that will pump you up, with great tempos and angst filled lyrics” Loud Mouth Rock Reviews

“Sunken Monkey sound like the kind of band that would make an excellent soundtrack to a drunken Friday night” BluesBunny

“I have no doubt that Sunken Monkey is going to be the next big thing.” Wickedd Childd

“After listening to this album, the listener will definitely want to book a flight to Northern England just to see Sunken Monkey’s live shows.” The Indie Blender

“Sunken Monkey can start a much needed punk revival… They have produced the most important punk album I’ve heard in years” Albums and Alcohol

“Pop Punk full of heat, energy, anger and well… Punk.” Re-Mastered Media

“No fan of the genre can miss… 8/10” Brazil Rock Reviews

“A punch of punk as precise as it is pointed that hangs around long enough for the first bruise to become a badge of honor… 4/5” Live and Die In Music

“Technical, fast paced, well executed, and there’s more than enough spirit… 8/10” Craig Reviews Music Blog

“I really would recommend giving this band a chance even if you don’t listen to punk, you might be surprised by what you hear.” Indie Media Review

“We’re talking about one band that has the whole old-school appeal down flat while the catchy music comes across as genuine and sincere.” Heavy Metal Time Machine

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